External Awards

Below is an inventory of major national and international awards for which the Office of the Provost would like to encourage faculty nominations.  We invite you to search the list for opportunities which are relevant to either your work or that of your colleagues.



Titlesort descending Sponsor Deadline Fields/Eligibility Nomination/Application Process Former GT Winners
AAAS Mentor Awards AAAS 07/30/2017 Individuals who during their careers demonstrate extraordinary leadership to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in science and engineering fields and careers third party nominations Gary May
Abelson Award AAAS 08/31/2017 scientific achievement and for other notable services to the scientific community third party nominations
Agassiz Medal National Academy of Science Oceanography third party nomination
Albert Einstein World Award of Science World Culutral Council 12/09/2017 Physics-Mathematics-Astronomy; Life Sciences: Biology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Paleoanthropology, Ecology or Chemistry nominations by select authorities only
Apple Design Awards Apple App design no nomination process
Arctowski Medal National Academy of Science solar physics and solar-terrestrial relationships third party nomination
Award for Public Engagement with Science AAAS 09/06/2017 contributed substantially to the public's engagement with science or technology, open to individuals and small groups third party nominations
Award for Science Diplomacy AAAS 08/31/2017 contributed to the role of science cooperation in building stronger links between and among societies third party nominations
Balzan Prize, The International Balzan Prize Foundation 03/14/2017 sciences and humanities, exact varies by year invited nominators
Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists The Blavatnik Family Foundation 11/21/2017 Engineering or Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Chemistry institutional nomination (limited submission)
Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Foundation 10/01/2017 life sciences any third party can nominate
Bueche Award The National Academy of Engineering 03/31/2017 Engineering and Policy nomination
Carty Award for the Advancement of Science National Academy of Science any field within the charter of the Academy third party nomination
Chubb Award for Innovation Sigma Xi 09/30/2017 third party nominations
Comstock Prize in Physics National Academy of Science electriciy, magnetism, or radiant energy third party nomination
Dan David Prize The Dan David Foundation 11/29/2017 Past, Present, Future (fields vary by year) third party nominations of individuals/orginizations
Day Prize and Lectureship National Academy of Science physics third party nomination
Draper Medal National Academy of Science astronomical physics third party nomination
Draper Prize The National Academy of Engineering 03/31/2017 All fields of Engineering nomination by members of NAE and invitation
Dyson Award The James Dyson Foundation 07/31/2017 Students and recent graduates, product design, industrial design and engineering candidate submission
Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science AAAS 10/14/2017 early career (<7yrs in current job, pre-tenure), contribution to public engagement with science activities AAAS affiliate organizations, universities, government agencies, media, research organizations, and individuals Baratunde Cola
Elliot Medal National Academy of Science zoology or paleontology third party nomination
Eni Award Eni 11/21/2017 Energy, Environment candidate application
Eppendorf and Science Prize for Neurobiology AAAS 06/14/2017 young (<35yrs), neurobiology research essay candidate application
Ferst Award Sigma Xi- GT Chapter 03/31/2017 science and engineering education third party nominations C.P. Wong
Founders Award The National Academy of Engineering 03/31/2017 Members of NAE or foreign associates nomination Robert Nerem
GE & Science Prize for Young Life Scientists AAAS Graduate Students, Molecular Biology research essay candidate application
Gibbs Brothers Medal National Academy of Science naval architecture and marine engineering third party nomination
Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal National Academy of Science marine or freshwater algae third party nomination
Gordon Prize The National Academy of Engineering 03/31/2017 Engineering Education, individuals or small groups third party nominations
Harvey Prize Technion: Israel Institute of Technology 02/06/2017 Science & Technology and Human Health third party nomination
Heineken Prize The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Prize each for: Biochemistry and Biophysics, Art, Medicine, History, Environmental Sciences, Cognitive Science third party nomination
Ho-am Prize The Ho-am Foundation 11/29/2017 Korean Heritage: Science, Engineering, Medicine, the Arts; regardless of nationality: Community Service and Special Field nomination by members of Prize Committee and Former recipients and members of Selection Committee
Holberg International Memorial Prize Ludvig Holberg Memorial Fund 06/15/2017 arts and humanities, social sciences, law and theology nomination by scholars at universities and research institutions
Hollaender Award in Biophysics National Academy of Science biophysics third party nomination
Humboldt Research Award The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation nomination from academic in Germany
Hunsaker Award in Aeronautical Engineering National Academy of Science aeronautical engineering third party nomination
International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) Design candidate submission
J. Lawrence Smith Medal National Academy of Science meteoric bodies third party nomination
Japan Prize, The The Japan Prize Foundation 2014 - Electronics, Information and Communication, Life Science invited nominators
Kavli Prize, The The Kavli Foundation, Norweigian Ministry of Education and Research, and Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters 11/30/2017 Astrophysics, nanoscience, and neuroscience third party nominations
Kluge Prize for Achievement in the Study of Humanity The Kluge Center - Library of Congress fields of humanistic and social science studies that are not included in the Nobel Prizes Nominations by invitation
Kovalenko Medal National Academy of Science medical sciences third party nomination
Kyoto Prize The Inamori Foundation Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences, Arts and Philosophy nominated by official nominators
Lasker Awards The Lasker Foundation 02/02/2017 Medical Research (4 awards- Basic and Clinical Medical Research, Special Achievement in Medical Science, and Public Service)
Lemelson - MIT Award for Golbal Innovation Lemelson Foundation inventors and innovators, whose work improves the lives of impoverished people in the developing world, or inspires youth interest in addressing those challenges third party nomination
Lemelson - MIT Prize Lemelson Foundation 11/21/2017 mid-career inventors third party nomination
Lienhard Award Institute of Medicine recognizes individuals for outstanding achievement in improving health care services in the United States nominations
Lounsbery Award National Academy of Science biology and medicine (young American and French Scientists) third party nomination
Martin and Rose Wachtel Cancer Research Award AAAS 02/28/2017 early career (<10yrs from PhD or MD), cancer research self and third party nominations, include essay by entrant
Mary Clark Thompson Medal National Academy of Science geology and paleontology third party nomination
Massry Prize Keck School of Medicine - USC nephrology, physiology, and related fields selected by committee
McElvany Nonproliferation Challenge The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies 06/02/2017 essays in nonproliferation studies self submission of essay John Krige
McGovern Award Sigma Xi 09/30/2017 individuals whose varied activities supported research, the communication of science and the impact of science on society third party nominations
Millennium Technology Prize Technology Academy Finland 07/30/2017 groundbreaking technological innovations that enhance the quality of people’s lives institutional nomination
NAS Award for Behavioral Research Relevant to the Prevention of Nuclear War National Academy of Science any field of cognitive or behavioral science third party nomination
NAS Award for Chemistry in Service to Society National Academy of Science chemistry (fundamental or applied) third party nomination
NAS Award for Scientific Reviewing National Academy of Science review authors third party nomination
NAS Award for the Industrial Application of Science National Academy of Science significant beneficial appplications in industry third party nomination
NAS Award in Chemical Sciences National Academy of Science chemical sciences (broadly) third party nomination