Commission on Creating the Next in Education (CNE)

The Georgia Institute of Technology announces the official release of Deliberate Innovation, Lifetime Education, a report that follows the work of an Institute-wide commission of more than 50 faculty, staff, and students. The commission was convened in late 2015 by Provost Rafael L. Bras and co-chaired by Richard DeMillo, executive director of Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities, and Bonnie Ferri, vice provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Development.

Deliberate Innovation, Lifetime Education

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Deliberate Innovation,
Lifetime Education

Using the year 2040 as a long-term vantage point, the Commission on Creating the Next in Education makes recommendations on alternative educational models that reduce costs, improve the effectiveness of current methodologies, and increase opportunities and accessibility to serve the needs of the next generation and beyond.

The Commission on Creating the Next in Education (CNE) is an initiative of the Educational Innovation Ecosystem, a coordinated effort of Institute units dedicated to the adoption of new and innovative educational methodologies. Through a multi-phased approach, the education commission will take a look at the Institute’s current methodologies and approaches, benchmark best practices in higher education, including issues of delivery and accessibility, and make recommendations for a plan that will maximize Georgia Tech’s strengths, and position the Institute as a transformational leader amongst research institutions.