Applications for Emerging Leaders Program

The information in this application will provide information to the advisory group members who are tasked with making a recommendation about the composition of the cohort to the Steering Committee and Provost. Applications received by March 3, 2017 will receive full consideration.

Please indicate your leadership experience, including formal and informal academic, professional, and community leadership experience. Please consider this broadly to include activities internal and external to Georgia Tech. (250 word limit)
What are your aspirations for leadership (may include influence through informal activities or formal positions), and your professional and/or personal goals for participating in the Provost’s Emerging Leadership Program? (250 word limit)
Please Answer the Following Questions
Are you willing to engage in self and 360 (provided by others who interact with you) assessments about you?
Are you willing to help develop others who are participating in the program?
Are you willing to contribute to the quality of the program experience by being fully engaged and sharing experiences that will help the other participants in their leadership development?
Are you willing to help create a responsible leadership culture, climate, and community at Georgia Tech?
If you are invited to participate in the 2017-2018 cohort, are you willing to participate fully in the offsite weekend session (late afternoon of October 20 through noon on October 22), eight additional sessions of 2-4 hours on select Friday afternoons, and additional optional activities to be scheduled at the beginning of the program with participant input, and small teamwork gatherings between some of the monthly sessions?
Please indicate any other comments you would like to make that are not included in the posed questions. (250 word limit)